Contract Services

  • Thoroughly review contract and send critical dates/deadlines to all parties
  • Send executed contract and applicable riders/addenda to all parties
  • Correct any discrepancies on contract/riders/addenda as needed
  • Confirm escrow deposit is received and obtain receipt
  • Contact all parties via introductory emails sent by us as a member of “your” team as well as a phone introduction with your clients
  • Process compliance and ensure commission disbursement is issued prior to closing

Inspections & Repairs

  • Set up and/or confirm home inspection(s) with all parties
  • Prepare and coordinate the execution of repair addenda
  • Monitor progress of repairs prior to closing and ensure all terms are satisfied


  • Confirm buyer makes loan application
  • Confirm/coordinate the scheduling of the appraisal as needed
  • Follow up with lender on status of appraisal, conditions, and overall progress of loan
  • Confirm loan approval prior to deadline
  • Confirm insurance is bound with lender/buyer

Condominiums & hoa

  • Request copies of condo docs required per the condo rider and ensure delivery to buyer(s)/buyer’s agent
  • Assist buyer(s) with application and approval process for the Condo/HOA association
  • Confirm association approval is received prior to deadline


  • Submit contract and applicable riders/addenda to open a new closing file
  • Request/Verify seller-provided survey/elevation certificate and/or ensure a new survey and/or elevation certificate is ordered as required
  • Request title commitment prior to deadline
  • Ensure Home Warranty is ordered and invoice is provided to title prior to closing (as required)


  • Deliver commission disbursement to title prior to closing
  • Schedule and/or confirm final walk through and send final walk through form for buyer(s)
  • Ensure buyer(s) receive utility information/confirm utilities are set up prior to closing
  • Confirm CD/TRID requirements are met and ensure CTC is confirmed by Title/Lender
  • Review ALTA/HUD statement as a “second set of eyes” prior to closing to ensure correct price/credits/commission(s)
  • Confirm final cash to close amount and wiring instructions are delivered to buyer(s)
  • Ensure transfer of keys/garage remotes/FOBs
  • Ensure all closing documents are uploaded and submitted to compliance

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