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On average the contract process takes 12-20 hours per contract. Let’s be conservative and say an agent closes between 2-4 contracts per month. That can range anywhere from 24-80 hours PER MONTH that Realtors spending to work in their business instead of on their business. Even if you could get ¼ of that time back, that’s at least 1-3 business days a month. That time could be spent networking, generating new business or even taking time off work!

Let US help YOU!

For Contracts
  • Thoroughly review all deadlines and timelines
  • Send executed contract to all parties in the transaction
  • Confirm escrow deposit and obtain receipt
  • All parties contacted via an introduction by us as a member of “your” team by phone and e-mail
Keller Williams Agent Requirements
  • Upload all contract documents into dotloop
  • Complete greensheet and send to MCA
  • Obtain any missing documents needed for the DA
  • Setup/Confirm that inspections for both home and termite are scheduled within the time frame of contract and ensure all parties have been informed
  • Negotiate repairs as needed and will prepare any addendum
  • Monitor repairs and collect receipts before closing
  • Obtain copies of deed restrictions/condo docs and confirm the buyer has received them
  • Make sure the buyer makes application and interview if required
  • Confirm approval is received by the title company




(regardless if seller or buyer side)

  • Confirm the buyer has made application
  • Make sure appraisal has been ordered
  • Follow-up with lender for appraisal results
  • Monitor underwriting process through receipt of loan commitment followed by the clear to close
Title Company
  • Help get any details needed
  • Review title commitment
  • Acquire existing survey and title policy (if they exist and are still valid)
  • Make sure new survey is ordered and elevation certificate if needed
  • Coordinate mail away closings
  • Make sure the home warranty is ordered either by the title company or us -send receipt to client
  • Ensure that all insurance related tasks are performed. For example: 4 point and Wind Mitigation
  • Make sure the buyer gets insurance quotes (home and flood) and it will be binding for closing date  
  • Provide the title company and lender with all documentations and invoices
Before Closing
  • Provide Title Company with DA and final walk-thru form
  • Schedule final walk-thru
  • Coordinate closing time and place with all parties
  • Provide the seller and buyer contact information regarding turning on/off utilities
  • Send closing instructions to buyer and seller  
  • Make certain that the lender’s closing documents are delivered to title Company
  • Review the final CD and make sure all charges are correct
  • Confirm that buyer has received final amt due at closing or that the seller receives proceeds amt
  • Make sure there are keys and garage remotes at closing
  • Get clients forwarding address
After Closing
  • Upload all closing docs into compliance system
  • Make sure checks are received
If Contract Cancels
  • Prepare release and cancellation of contract
  • Send executed release to the title company
  • Make sure the client gets their earnest money back
What YOU Do
  • Provide fully executed contract, addendums, and contact information for all parties
  • Deliver escrow deposit to respective title company
  • Attend home/termite inspection
  • Meet appraiser if needed
  • Attend final walk through and closing
  • Take lockbox and sign off property
  • Collect your commission!!