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A critical element of working with buyers and/or seller’s is getting everything orchestrated when an contract is signed by both parties and making sure everyone gets to the closing table on time. I am fortunate enough to be able to leverage all of my closings to Mandy Troutman! From the time I have a signed offer I am able to hand the file to Mandy and I know full well she can put all the parties together and make sure the closing happens on time and in a very professional manner. Leveraging myself with the use of a professional closer like Mandy allows me the time to do my lead generation and service my listings and buyers in a manner where I am not distracted by all the minor but critical detail that goes into a closing. I would recommend any agent wanting to have a professional handle their closing transactions to give Mandy a call immediately.

David Bates

Real Estate Agent, Future Home Realty

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate having you on my side on this very busy month. With 5 sides closing in one week plus other contracts in the system I would have NEVER been able to accomplish this without your attention to all the details that made this all happen. And there was a TON of details. Not only did you handle all of this in an extremely professional and organized way, you gave me the time to get out and do what I love to do, rustle up business! Your level of communication was fantastic, and of my customers loved the personal attention that “my great assistant Mandy gave them”! Thanks for helping to make me look good. List2Close is a major key in maintaining and achieving success!

Sandie Cross

Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams